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Commercial Property Inspections

Our inspectors have over 25+ years of years of commercial property management experience and will provide our clients with a detailed report including pictures on the overall condition of the property.

Depending on the level of complexity of the commercial building and your needs, our inspectors will draw from experts to perform specialized inspections – ranging from structural inspections, mechanical/electrical contractors, roofing contractors, elevator specialists to ADA compliance inspections.

Buyer’s Inspection

Provide a detailed report that will identify any systems or structure issues that may need maintenance or repair to further reduce the financial risk that comes with buying a commercial property.

Seller’s Inspection

Our detailed report can assist the property owner to prepare a property prior to being put on the market by finding any problems that may exist for immediate repair or replacement to prevent any surprises during the buyer’s inspection.

Lease Inspections

A pre-lease inspection documents conditions as protection from claims by the landlord that the lessee damaged or failed to maintain the building. A post-lease inspection aids the building owner in ensuring that lessees fulfilled the terms of the lease agreement by maintaining and protecting the building and its components.

Contact us to schedule your inspection before you close the deal. We will provide you with the information you need to ensure you are making the right investment decision.

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